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hairtalk Germany

Get to know us even better.

hairtalk Germany

Get to know us even better.

hairtalk GmbH - the inventors of hairtalk extensions

The history of the high-quality real hair extensions from hairtalk

The company hairtalk GmbH was founded in 1985 as arcos Die Haarprofis Handels GmbH by merchant Konrad Schneck and wigmaker Günter Alex. For a long time, the production and worldwide distribution of wigs and toupees under the brand arcos their main business.

The development of hairtalk extensions

Arcos could thus make a name for itself in the international second hair industry. The third managing director Oliver Schneck, business economist and son of Konrad Schneck, joined the company in 1993. In 2005 Günter Alex invented the unique hairtalk adhesive system and created the brand hairtalk. The idea was to produce affordable hair extensions of outstanding quality.

hairtalk extensions are incorporated in one hour

The time factor also played a role in the invention of the hairtalk Tape Extensions System. A hair extension should be possible in less than one hour. Removing the hair extension should not result in hair breakage as before, but should be gentle to the hair.

Meanwhile the brand hairtalk is the driving force and since November 2016 has also been the company name. hairtalk extensions are currently sold worldwide in more than 46 countries. Currently there are c. 450 second hair and over 2,500 trained hairtalk hairdressers in Germany.


hairtalk Germany - A story of success

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